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Child Advocacy

Trusted Advisors, Comprehensive Solutions

JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy will work to get to know our clients and their families personally. Child advocacy involves complex and often difficult decisions that need to be made. We know that we can’t fully help until we understand the full situation.

We walk each of our clients through all of the legal options and rights that they have. Whether the case regards the protection of children or juvenile proceedings, our attorneys are experienced in seeking and fighting for an optimal outcome for all involved. At JB Entreprises, S.C., we focus on all aspects of child advocacy and offer free consultations to discuss options and begin preparations for a successful case.

Child Advocacy Attorneys
Family Law Lawyer

Juvenile Proceedings

Our attorneys bring a unique child advocacy approach to juvenile proceedings. Whether a child is facing a delinquency action or is deemed to be in need of protection or services, using legal knowledge and guidance from social sciences that show the negative effects that the justice system can have on children, our attorneys are prepared to zealously advocate for the legal rights of that child and fight to limit the impact of the justice system on their future. We believe that juvenile justice should be geared towards rehabilitation through alternative solutions such as therapy or participation in various services to assist the child in improving their behavior and adjusting to societal norms rather than punitive measures such as incarceration. Learn more about the difference between CHIPS & JIPS cases.