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Civil Litigation Division

Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes formation of business contracts oftentimes render agreements void or voidable for improper drafting or for offending other competing public policy principles. Furthermore, some provisions may put you or your business at a disadvantage based upon how they are drafted or whether they meet certain State Law requirements and consumer protections. Potential Breach of contracts and obligations start at the point of drafting and execution and results in protracted contract litigation. 

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Tort Law Claims JB Entreprises

Civil Litigation Division

Business Torts

Business Torts— The state of Wisconsin recognizes both statutory and common-law causes of action for many business tort claims which require knowledge not only on the fact pattern that constitutes a tort violation, such as: Tortious Interference, Restraint of Trade, Unfair Competition, Fraudulent Misrepresentation and Negligence claims. We develop strategic tactics to ensure the facts, and the civil procedures are in place to obtain the desired outcome.

Civil Litigation Division

Insurance Defense and Subrogation Claims

Insurance Defense and Subrogation Claims Insurance law includes a wide range of issues relating to insurance policies and claims. The insurance company should retain counsel for claims of wrongfully denying a policyholder’s claim.  We evaluate claims in regard to the applicable policy provisions and local state regulations to determine valid claims and litigate others. This type of legal counsel can cut down on insurance fraud and false claims for property damage claims, business losses, business personal injury, auto accidents, professional insurance, and homeowner’s insurance.  Additionally, disputes about subrogation can put a strain on insured’s business relationships, and they may even find themselves the subject of claims by other insurers that could create liens against awards and verdicts.

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Construction Law JB Entreprises

Civil Litigation Division

Construction Law

Construction Law— Construction law involves legal issues related to the construction of a building or other structure. Various levels of government play a role in construction regulation because federal, state, and local laws interact with construction projects. For example, federal statutes, such as workplace safety regulations and employment laws can impose requirements on worksite and hiring practices. States may impose additional regulations ranging from safety and employment to environmental rules. City and county ordinances can also impose restrictions on zoning or building codes. If there are project delays or unreasonable terms in a contract for work to be completed, there may exist good cause to sue. Finally, construction projects often involve labor disputes, as contractors or subcontractors are often injured on the job. Carefully defining scope of work can minimize party disputes.