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Civil Litigation

Trusted Advisors, Comprehensive Solutions

JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy has built its reputation on providing large law firm legal services, including civil litigation, without the premium cost of the big firm. We have the large firm regulatory experience required to fight government agencies and win. We will work hard to plan for each civil case to protect the interest of our client without it costing them everything to defend themselves, their business, and their estate.

Civil Litigation Attorneys
Alternative Civil Dispute Resolution

Our litigation attorneys have the experience to prognosticate the desired outcome and develop internal workflows that produce favorable compliance results with regulatory organizations. Our Civil Litigation techniques consider the essential facts necessary to meet the standard of proof, prior to defending or prosecuting a case, and we always look for alternative dispute resolution to further reduce the potential cost and time spent for our clients.


We bring practical sense to collecting past due invoices by turning them into collected dollars not worthless civil judgements. When a judgment is obtained, it is then referred to attorneys specializing in judgment recovery. Learn more about our Collections Litigation services.

Collaborative Accounts Receivables Collection
Personalized Demand Letter Administration
Tailored Client/ Customer Actions
Expedient and Proactive Service
Pre-judgement Collection Litigation Counsel
Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Corporate Civil Disputes
& Litigation

Make sure your legal defense doesn’t cost you more than the damages that you seek or are being sought from you. We protect your organization against harmful threats and civil lawsuits, whether business related or politically motivated. Learn more about how we can help with Corporate Civil Disputes & Litigation.

Real Estate – Land Use or Environment Litigation
Business Torts
Product Liability
Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
LLC Member Disputes
Breach of Contract
Debtor / Creditor Law
Landlord / Tenant Laws
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Corporate Crisis Management

No business is immune from crisis. Whether there is a product, a procedure, or a personal life event that casts a negative light on your overall business, the manner and speed in which you address those concerns makes all the difference in the success of managing turbulent circumstances and protecting your business and future goals. Learn more about corporate crisis management.

Corporate Officer Civil / Criminal Liability
Corporate Criminality
Tax Disputes