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Corporate Counsel Litigation

At JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy, we provide corporate counsel services for any business and organization. For over 20 years, our team of expert lawyers has been providing professional legal services for a variety of successful businesses. For our corporate counsel services, we will assist you in legal advice, protection, and interpretation for you and your business. If you partner with JB Entreprises and are facing any legal issues, it will be our responsibility to pull you and your company out from all possible further damage towards your business, especially in regards to receiving money that is owed to you.

The amount of corporate counsel a business needs will be different for each company. Some businesses may need more assistance; others may just require an outside source with litigation experience. When hiring one of our lawyers for corporate counsel assistance, that lawyer will be fully devoted to you, helping you with all cases and legal help. Your company will be their number one priority, guaranteeing expedient and proactive service.

One of the main litigation issues that a company will face is collecting money that is due to you. We bring practical sense to collecting past due invoices by turning them into collected dollars, not worthless civil judgements. The areas where we can help with this are Collaborative Accounts Receivables Collection, Personalized Demand Letter Administration, Pre-Judgement Collection Litigation Counsel, and Alternative Dispute Resolutions. Each business and situation is unique, so we will tailor our client/customer actions strategies to find the right fit for your case.

Through Collaborative Accounts Receivables Collection, we will work between you and your clients to come to an agreement about how they can pay what they need to without moving to litigation. We can also help administer the creation of personalized demand letters. If communication is not open or compromises are not agreed to, then the next step is sending a personalized, formal document from your business to the other involved party in order to resolve the dispute. This letter typically requests some form of restitution to the aggrieved party and is preceded by previous attempts to either remind or demand certain obligation or changes. The final step is to take the case to court and obtain a judgement. Our team of experienced litigation attorneys will prepare your case and a strong strategy to defend your company and strive for a desired outcome. When a judgment is obtained, it is then referred to attorneys specializing in judgment recovery.

Contact JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy to provide your business with the best Corporate Counsel services for your accounts receivables collection.