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Criminal Defense

Trusted Advisors, Comprehensive Solutions

JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy quickly learned after only a short time practicing with Small Closely Held Corporations that business owners need a myriad of legal services outside the typical regulatory needs.

We devised a way to provide a comprehensive defense that in many instances help our clients avoid serving jail time and preserved their business assets. This practice lead to our team of criminal litigators developing case management that resulted in victorious outcomes for our clients and others.

Courtroom Preparation

Most federal prosecutions have years of investigation before the federal government submits an indictment. You should be just as prepared to present your defense. Preparing your case for court before your 1st appearance is half the battle to a successful pretrial negotiation or jury trial. Planning your trial strategy starts before your first court appearance; then it’s just all about case trial management from that point on.

Federal Crimes

Fraudulent Abuse of a Government Program
Money Laundering
Tax Fraud
SEC Violations
Federal Firearm Offenses
Bank Robbery
Federal Drug Crimes
Federal Appeals
Corporate Regulatory Investigations


Obstruction or Resisting An Officer
Entering Into A Locked Vehicle
Endangering Safety:
Use of A Dangerous Weapon
Disorderly Conduct
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Misdemeanors Appeals


Driving without Owner’s Consent
Possession of a controlled substance
with Intent to deliver
Theft by Contractor
Possession of a controlled substance
Felony Appeals

Administrative Proceedings

Building Code Violations
Traffic Citations
Ordinance Violations
First Time OWIs
Probation/Parole Revocation