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Federal Criminal Defense

At JB Entreprises, we understand the difficulty of facing the justice system after committing a Federal Crime. You may feel like there is no hope in helping your case. When you partner with JB Entreprises, we are there to help lighten your situation. A Federal Crime refers specifically to offenses that violate U.S. federal laws. For cases like these, they are investigated by federal law enforcement and prosecuted by United States attorneys in federal courts. Federal Crimes also include crimes that would otherwise fall under state or local jurisdictions had they not occurred on U.S. federal property or on an Indian reservation. Some of the Federal Crimes that we have previously helped with include:

  • Abuse of a Government Program
  • Corporate Regulatory Issues
  • Embezzlement
  • Exportation of Drugs
  • Federal Firearm Charges
  • Money Laundering
  • SEC Violations
  • Tax Fraud

If you are in need of a Federal Crime defense lawyer, contact JB Entreprises today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced legal team. We will discuss your case and lay out all your options to help better your situation. Our team of highly experienced professionals will develop a strong, suitable plan to prepare you for each court appearance. Don’t waste time deciding your next steps alone, contact our team and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with all your court needs.