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JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy is a Business Consulting Quasi-Criminal defense firm that protects the wealth and assets of its clientele; while defending against criminal proceedings that jeopardize business owners, their families, and their inter-connected close community.

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Business Consulting

We have sucessfully helped stablize and guide hundreds of business through corporate crisis, successful startups and reorganization.

Criminal Defense

We have sucessfully defended hundreds of criminal cases.

Legal Defense

We have successfully won and defended our clients against thousands of dollars in damages and claims.

Let Us Help You Be Prepared For The Courtroom

With over twenty years working in business compliance and regulation and over 18 years of legal defense practice, JB Entreprises, serves the small closely held corporation entrepreneur by navigating through the political, commercial, criminal pitfalls of the business world. We provide sound advise and real solutions in an affordable, long-term client relationship that fosters trust and commitment.
We have represented transactional clients over multiple state lines reviewing documents, drafting agreements, and overseeing business deals.  We have also appeared in several jurisdictions to fight regulatory investigations on the behalf of small business.  And when necessary our criminal division seeks out ways to ensure that our broken justice system works for our clients, by providing creative redefined victories.
JB Entreprises, has a wide range of industries it services like banking, restaurant and entertainment ventures, medical facilities, construction, interior design, closely held corporate investors, developers, money service business, landscapers, towing and scraping, and auto mechanic.