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We understand and sympathize with our clients when handling guardianship matters. There is never an easy path to get through these types of situations. Here at JB Entreprises, we are patient with our clients, but also encouraging when making a decision. It is important for us to respect the hurt and pain that the family is dealing with, and it is also important for the family to come to a decision, because time can become limited for some cases. That is why choosing JB Entreprises should be your first choice for legal counseling.

These guardianship cases may involve a minor, mentally handicapped or incapacitated adults, or vulnerable adults, such as the elderly. In all guardianship cases, a Guardian ad Litem for the Ward, person for whom guardianship is being sought, will be appointed to make recommendations concerning the imposition of the guardianship. Stipulated guardianships can progress from start to finish rather quickly, while contested guardianships may proceed to a court trial. 

When minors are placed in a variety of unfortunate situations, the court will intervene to help choose a caregiver who will take on the responsibilities for the care of the child(ren). Although, the majority of the population would never willingly want to give up their loved ones, certain situation that some parents have brought to themselves legally force them to do so. When these types of matters are brought to the court and decided on, the guardian may then become either a temporary or permanent caregiver, depending on the case. When deciding on a legal guardian, it is important to focus on who would be the best option in becoming the child’s caregiver. The relationship between the caregiver and the child is vital, because they will be shaping your child’s morals and making decisions for them that could affect the rest of their lives. The parents may still have some connection with their children, but it depends on the situation and court’s decision. That is why it is extremely important to seek legal advice to better understand the possible outcomes for the situation.

An adult who is mentally handicapped, incapacitated or falls under the classification of vulnerable adults, such as the elderly, may be unable to exercise their rights and make proper decisions on their own. In order to protect these individuals, a guardian will be selected and granted the power of making decisions for them. Oftentimes in cases of adults, the guardian will be a relative or other close friend. Each guardianship will continue to have court involvement to ensure they are making the best and proper decisions for the Ward. In some cases, a doctor may need to provide a report to further establish the need for a guardianship due to their mental and physical state. The guardian will have power over their financial and housing decisions and will help protect them from being exploited or scammed. Guardianships can provide protection and care for a vulnerable adult with cognitive impairments such as dementia, mental illness or other similar impairments.

Every case is handled different and does not guarantee the same outcome of even similar cases. JB Entreprises and their professional team of advisors could be the difference from a traumatic outcome to an acceptable and reasonable understanding.

Don’t wait any longer than you need to. A strategy needs as much time as possible to develop. A strong plan and well thought out options can make the grieving process easier on you and the hearts of your loved ones in need of guardianship.

Get the help you deserve and contact us as soon as possible.