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Juvenile Proceedings

Without the proper guidance, it can be difficult keeping a child on the right track. Teens are becoming more independent and rebellious with their actions, and it is up to their parents to prevent them from any harm. But when all fails and parents start to give up due to difficulty, sometimes the child may face legal action due to the delinquent choices they have made. Matters like these can fall under JIPS cases (Juvenile in Need of Protection or Services). You may not have been able to give the proper guidance to your child before, but now you can. JB Entreprises is here to help you and your child through the legal system and the charges your child may be facing. Whether your child may have been dealing with truancy or partaking in underage drinking or smoking or a number of other issues, we have the expertise to handle these matters and help find the best solution to aid you and your child.

In other cases of juvenile proceedings, some families may become a part of the juvenile court system for situations that are considered a CHIPS case. When a child is reported as being hurt or neglected by the parents or guardians, the situation then becomes a CHIPS case, Child in Need of Protection and/or Services. Situations like these can be very difficult and damaging for the family. Depending on the level of the case, there is a variety of ways that the matter can be dealt with. That is why it is you need JB Entreprises on your side to provide you the best legal services. We pay close attention to your family’s needs and will help you plan a strong strategy to bring to court. Do not wait any longer for family sensitive cases, contact us as soon as possible.

JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy will work to get to know the whole story, because we know that we can’t fully help until we understand the full situation. We offer a free consultation to discuss options and begin preparations for a successful case.