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Corporate Counsel

JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy serves as our clients Corporate Counsel, we either work with their general counsel if they have one from within, or we serve as that counsel for them.

Our job is to foresee problems they may be facing in completing governmental procedures, or potential areas of disputes with private parties and develop best practice rules that help them avoid issues in the future.


Civil Litigation

JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy has built its reputation on providing large law firm legal services without premium cost of the big firm.  We have the large firm regulatory experience required to fight government agencies and win; to protect the interest of our client without it costing them everything to defense themselves and their estate.

We have the experience to prognosticate the desired outcome and develop internal workflows that produces favorable compliance results with regulatories.


Criminal Defense

JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy quickly learned only after a short time practicing with Small Closely Held Corporations that business owners need a myriad of legal services outside the typical regulatory needs.

We devised a way to provide a comprehensive defense that in many instances help our client avoid serving jail time and preserved its business assets.

Civil Litigation Attorneys
Family Law Lawyer

Child Advocacy

JB Entreprises, S.C. Law and Strategy will work to get to know our clients and their families personally. Child advocacy involves complex and often difficult decisions that need to be made. We know that we can’t fully help until we understand the whole situation.