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Public Relations & Messaging

At JB Entreprises, SC, we help our clients prevent future issues by creating a plan and paper trails to be compliant and ready for any audits that may come. Businesses are gathering more and more data from clients and potential clients and that data is being stored digitally for easier access, but this can also lead to security issues. Any data breaches or other compliance issues can lead to damage to your company’s reputation. Planning ahead of time and having a paper trail and proper procedures in place will help reduce the risk of issues in the future.

Data Privacy & Security Advisor

No matter how careful we may be, data security breaches may still occur. However, these risks can be minimized when the proper practices, training, and safeguards are put into place to ensure that all compliance standards are being met. Our attorneys will evaluate each individual case and develop a strategic response plan for your specific security incident.

Corporate Public Relations Crisis

Having a reliable and knowledgeable public relations team is key for any business. Having an attorney who understands this is also important when the reputation of your organization comes into question. When a crisis happens, you need a team that is focused on the management and repair of your reputation, in addition to possessing knowledge of potential current and future risks.

When these moments arise, it is important to remember that the attorney is not in a courtroom, but is generally speaking to the average person. This means that it is important for attorneys who are required to address these issues undergo media training and message rehearsals that the public relations team can help to address.

When these two teams come together, the results are often positive, as both teams want a positive outcome and have the client’s best interests in mind. This relationship is important as it will help your organization through both the good and bad times that lie ahead.

Regulatory Defense & Compliance

We all possess personal data. This means that the federal and state privacy laws affect nearly 100% of us. These laws can be complicated to understand, however, failing to observe these laws can come with less than ideal consequences. Our attorneys can help to make these laws clearer and easier to understand when dealing with various types of information, including personal, health, and confidential. We will counsel and offer guidance to our clients on various risks and potential obligations that may pertain to the information they possess.